"You offer great feedback - you know how to dress a "real" women with styles that work for her figure (and styles she would not have thought of picking out!). I love your taste - very stylish and classy. I also love how you help with body image issues and also help people realize that they may need to go up a size to get the right fit - then get alterations. I never thought of that - and it is important to know."

BB, Mom, Silicon Valley Tech Blog Founder, Author, Speaker. Silicon Valley.

"In just a couple of hours you were able to show me outfits that I never even knew I already had in my closet! In addition, you were able to read my style in both clothing and accessories. You saved me time and money by pre-shopping for me and keeping my budget in mind.  You went the extra mile for me for my special event and I looked and felt great - thanks to you."

BG, Mom, Former Attorney. New direction: Career Coach, Author, Speaker. Silicon Valley.

"I've met with Wendy Shindler at the "Refresh Your Career" conference and was struck by her modern and elegant style. At that time I had no idea that 6 months later I will ask Wendy to help with my own wardrobe.

Recently I had to make my first presentation in front of the Silicon Valley venture capitalists and struggled with my business outfit; I was not sure how formal should be my business dress for the pitch. I called Wendy and despite of the pretty short notice she agreed to help. We met two times - first she worked me through the process to define my individual style formula. Then we figured out what items may work from my current wardrobe and afterwards did some shopping together. As soon as my picky husband saw my new look he immediately gave me a go-a-head without asking for further details.

The result was amazing - Wendy helped me to assemble top to toe outfit that significantly improved my self-confidence.

Wendy did a great job and I will gladly recommend her to anybody looking for clothes/style advice."

MB, Former HR Director. New direction: Design Thinking. Silicon Valley.

After meeting Wendy at another conference, I brought her in to speak to our NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) group of the SF Bay Area. Wendy was a dynamo. Not only was she engaging and likable, she brought outfits to show off that all the women adored. Everyone was energized by her presentation of how to use clothes to "brand yourself" correctly and show up powerfully. I would highly recommend Wendy as both a speaker or an image consultant - she knows the fashion and style world but is practical and non-judgmental.

JI, Executive Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker.  East Bay.

Wendy is an absolute joy to work with. Her exuberant personality and can-do attitude made every interaction a pleasure. I met Wendy as an attendee at my Connect•Work•Thrive Return to Work Conference. She was just starting her business and her excitement was infectious. Several months later Wendy attended our conference as a workshop facilitator. She was knowledgeable and engaging. We run multiple tracks simultaneously and there is generally movement by participants among tracks, but I did not see a single attendee leave Wendy's workshop. I understand Wendy garnered clients from each conference, which speaks to the value she brings to clients. I highly recommend Wendy's services.

JW, Entrepreneur, Founder, Speaker, Teacher, Thought Leader. Silicon Valley.

"Wendy is wonderful at helping clients define their own personal style.  Her closet weeding is skillful and helpful both for paring down and learning to use items you already have in new ways."

SF, Mom, Author, Volunteer. Silicon Valley.

I had been in a funk recently after trying to transition from post-schooling seasons to back-in-the-working-world seasons. Wendy I had met at a women's career coaching conference, and she was so personable from the start, intent on helping me have a style coming from my inside and displaying itself on the outside. After my first meeting with her, I had a sense of my inner values and priorities and wishes for a style, and given her personableness, also saw more clearly my career and personal profile because of her gentle and encouraging ways. After our second meeting, I already had an outfit for an interview I had with a tech company! It was amazing - it all came from my closet, and with a few more purchases (as it was last minute since the interview came later in the period of service), I looked great according to others! And I felt confident and more solid and put together for the interview, along with my preparation for the interview. My mom, upon seeing me before the interview, was saying, you have been hiding (!), and so Wendy helped bring some of myself out! She also proved herself to be an expert, since on a third meeting, we worked on my more personal and other work outfits, and like a Picasso with the classics, she taught me about form, fit, fabric, and colors, so that I could see the whole dressing endeavor differently! She is an expert artist, who helps you try to be at your best given your values, comfort level, priorities be it for work or a more personal occasion, your God-given body and personality, and your situations. My closet is in renovation, with excellent outfits emerging that I never knew existed! Thank you, Wendy!

JK, Former tech professional. New direction: College Prep Counselor. Silicon Valley.


"I really enjoyed working with Wendy.  As a 20+ year stay-at-home mom, I had no idea what to do about a return to work wardrobe.  Wendy's in-depth process really got me thinking about my self image, what makes me happy and how much help the right clothes can be in accomplishing my goals. Even the shopping process was fun! Beyond knowing what lines are carried by the major department stores, Wendy is knowledgeable about specialty boutiques, shopping online and recommending hair, make-up and alterations professionals. Wendy was able to pre-shop for items, show me how to put together multiple outfits from the pieces we chose and find sale items that kept me on budget. Well worth the money!"

SM, Mom, Former Architect. New Direction: Small Business Owner/Clothing Designer. East Bay